PDC support [was Re: Future/end of TNG]

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Wed Sep 27 15:54:34 GMT 2000

"F. Ross Lord" wrote:
> Is there a roadmap/timeframe for PDC/BDC support in the 
> works?  All interpersonal politics aside, the one thing 
> you seen in every message from users about this is "I 
> really need this."  What kind of priority is it for 
> the current samba team?  

We know it is important.  The complexity of it 
makes it slow going.  I cannot say a time (as 
Jeremy has mentioned), but rest assured it is not 
an "if it happens" kind of thing.  

Right now, PDC support is slated for 3.0.  Andrew
somewhat optimisticly is planning for a Q12001 release
of 3.0.  Given the complexity of the 2.2.0 release
and how long that took, who knows?

I do know that the work which was needed for the 2.2.0
release in regards to NT printing support is helping
to make a good foundation on which we can build further 
RPC support.

> How can people who need this functionality, both 
> those who can/will write code for  it and those 
> who can't/won't write code for it, assist  the 
> samba team in bringing the functionality into production?

I'm working on a TODO list know.  I have about 3-4 people 
who have volunteer (some code, some document, some test).
Most of the coordination will take place on samba-technical,
but I will cross post updates here periodically, ok?

Cheers, jerry
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