PDC support [was Re: Future/end of TNG]

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at acu.ac.uk
Thu Sep 28 15:53:26 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:

> We know it is important.  The complexity of it
> makes it slow going.  I cannot say a time (as
> Jeremy has mentioned), but rest assured it is not
> an "if it happens" kind of thing.
> Right now, PDC support is slated for 3.0.  Andrew
> somewhat optimisticly is planning for a Q12001 release
> of 3.0.  Given the complexity of the 2.2.0 release
> and how long that took, who knows?

That's the first time I've seen 2.2.0 mentioned in the past tense.....
Is there any word on when the release of 2.2.0 might be expected. I'm
sure I'm just one of many who can't wait to get my hands on true NT
spoolss support.


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