NT4 WS cannot log on to my samba pdc

J.L.Gilmour at exeter.ac.uk J.L.Gilmour at exeter.ac.uk
Tue Sep 26 17:43:26 GMT 2000

> I configured my samba pdc (samba tng 2.6 ) and switched my test 
> workstation ( NT4 WS ) from its old domain to my new samba 
> controlled domain. I got the message: welcome to domain xyz.

We had something similar. In the end we changed the NT workstation
to be only in a workgroup 'X', rebooted twice, reset the trust account
on the PDC for that machine, then rejoined the domain. It worked
after that, but for no obvious reason.

We've had lots of problems with NT as we've changed 50 or so machine
from one domain to another. In all cases, rebooting NT enough times
fixed it. 



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