NT4 WS cannot log on to my samba pdc

Timo Fischer fischer at wytech.de
Tue Sep 26 16:15:27 GMT 2000


I configured my samba pdc (samba tng 2.6 ) and switched my test 
workstation ( NT4 WS ) from its old domain to my new samba 
controlled domain. I got the message: welcome to domain xyz.

After the reboot, i could not login anymore. The NT Workstation 
showed a message: cannot log on. the account for this machine
does not exist on the pdc or the password is wrong. 

I do not find any errors in my logs and the account for the
NT WS exists in my smbpasswd as well as in my /etc/passwd.

Thanks for your help,

Timo Fischer                                      mailto:timo at wytech.de
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