SAmba on VAX in a NT environnement!

TIXIER Jean Luc jean_luc.tixier at
Tue Sep 26 07:47:14 GMT 2000

	Hello every body

I have a beginner problem.

I try to install samba on a Vax and, simply, exchange shares with PC under
WNT4 witch is connected to a WNT4 server architecture.

I try several configuration but I still having the same problem :

When I browse the VAX, it ask me a username and a password.

At the end, I try to enter an username in the smbpasswd.dat file but nothing

Here the result of smbpasswd command :

Thanks for the help


SAMBA> smbpasswd -a jtixier test
doing parameter encrypt passwords = yes
doing parameter guest account = JTIXIER
pm_process() returned Yes
vms_stat: st = 0, mode = 100777
          size = 132
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
getpwnam: name = "jtixier"
get_uai: for username = "jtixier"
Convert to UNIX: $DISK1:[SAMBA] -> /$disk1/samba
UNIX path: /$disk1/samba
get_uai: $getuai returns UIC = 00010004
         priv = FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF
getpwnam: name = "jtixier"
startsmbfilepwent: unable to open file /samba_root/private/smbpasswd.dat
unable to open smb password database.
startsmbfilepwent: unable to open file /samba_root/private/smbpasswd.dat
add_smbfilepwd_entry: unable to open file.
Failed to add entry for user jtixier.
Failed to change password entry for jtixier

SAMBA> dir/sec private.dir
Directory $DISK1:[SAMBA]
PRIVATE.DIR;1        [1,1]                 (RWE,RWED,,RWED)

SAMBA> dir/sec
SMBPASSWD.DAT;1      [1,1]                 (RWD,RWD,,)

Here my smb.conf :

netbios name = TSTSAMBA
workgroup = BUT_USERS
server string = test de machine SAMBA
announce as = NT
;security = domain
;security = user
security = share
wins server =
interfaces =
create mode = 0777
debug level = 4
encrypt passwords = yes
;password server = tstfax77184
;password server = PDC77184 BDC77184
guest account = JTIXIER

path = /$disk1/test
comment = test de share
browseable = yes
read only = no
public = yes
create mode = 0777
guest ok = yes

comment = test de share SAMBA
browseable = yes
read only = no
public = yes
create mode = 0777
guest ok = yes

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