Future/end of TNG (was Re: I don't understand something ...)

Anders Thorsen anders at cwd.no
Tue Sep 26 08:03:05 GMT 2000

C is not too tough to learn, but you'll also need to know ho the different 
*NIX'es do stuff...

A book that comes to my mind is "Advanced Programming in the UNIX 
Environment" by Stevens

.. I got it myself last spring, and it's really a great book... BTW: To 
many it's THE book :)

PS: My recomendations is that samba is not a very good starting 


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On 25-Sep-2000 Gerald Carter wrote:
> Kai Blin wrote:
>> So, come on, you guys!! There should be _some_ 
>> programmers out there!! Let's rescue TNG.
> What's there to rescue?  TNG is a development branch.
> Luke forked it, and left.  What can we say? 
> We are working on porting code form TNG over to 
> HEAD for domain controlling.  Jean-Francois has already 
> been working on porting the necessary codefor Win2k domain 
> logons (no native mode of course).
> If anyone wants to help, join samba-technical and let's 
> get started.

How difficult is to lear C. If only programmed ( a little bit) a few
years ago in pascal?


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