Future/end of TNG (was Re: I don't understand something ...)

Adam Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Mon Sep 25 23:49:22 GMT 2000

>>We are working on porting code form TNG over to
>>HEAD for domain controlling.  Jean-Francois has already
>>been working on porting the necessary codefor Win2k domain
>>logons (no native mode of course).
>>If anyone wants to help, join samba-technical and let's
>>get started.
>This is terrific!
>Unfortunately, there are no notices in any public forum
>that I have seen that indicate this to be the case.
>I also read -technical (non-digest), and I have to admit
>I haven't seen much on the matter there either
>(about DC development in general, that is).

This is true, and is a general frustration of Open Source
in general,  but maybe we're not looking in the right place.
And I understand that updating web-pages, etc... means
that someone is not coding while they do that.

>I think what users are concerned about is the lack of any
>commitment to providing this functionality.  A timetable
>would be even better, but right now when people ask about
>using Samba as a PDC and adding 2000 clients, all anyone can
>say is that TNG used to do it, but that branch is now dead.
>Imagine how that sounds to someone who has a Samba PDC in
>production use and is told that 2000 client support is now
>a "must-have".  Whether or not Samba can be used effectively
>in the long-term is called into question, and lacking any
>details, its use simply cannot be defended.  The result:
>All those hard-won NT converts are now being forced back
>to Redmond for a copy of 2000 Server.

I think the Samba team understands this perfectly well,
and our (the lowly end user) grousing about it isn't going
to help the morale of the project team.  Cash or pizza
might help.

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