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Mon Sep 25 23:32:35 GMT 2000

On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 04:24:42PM -0700, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Karl Denninger wrote:
> > 
> > You're welcome to boil whatever you want, but from my perspective what I
> > see here is a bunch of cats fighting.
> This is unhelpful.

The truth is unhelpful?  

Get over yourselves.

> > There is no harm in this.  Further, he didn't have to be "offered"
> > anything, since Samba is publically CVSable.  He could have told you to
> > piss up a rope and done it without you (see the multiple times it was
> > done with *BSD for examples)
> This was not a fork based on the public CVS code tree,
> this was a fork based on *secure* ssh access to the real
> CVS repository. Such a fork does require privillaged access
> to the CVS repository.

Ah, so you're not a truly open-source project.  


You just made CERTAIN that I have no interest in helping you - unless, 
of course, that policy changes.  <smile>

> And don't hold up the *BSD's as an example - they are not
> a good example for Open Source projects staying together.

They're not?  Gee, they seem to be doing quite well, despite the splits 
and fights.

FreeBSD 4.1-STABLE FreeBSD 4.1-STABLE #0: Wed Sep 20 13:32:02 CDT 2000     karl at FS.Denninger.Net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/KARL  i386

I personally STRONGLY DISLIKE the FreeBSD CORE members, believing they are
a bunch of bombastic assholes.  Nonetheless, the software is better IMHO
than the alternatives when taken in total, which is why I still run it.

> > Timeline please.
> > 
> > That, by the way, is all the people who are carping here are asking for -
> > and have been now for quite a while (well over a year.)
> Carping is easy. Writing code is hard. If you want PDC, help
> code it. No other options are acceptible. 

That's unhelpful.

If I ask a very reasonable question and get told to write it myself, I just
might, but why would I do it under YOUR auspices and with YOU being the
"head" of things?  

Why not do it and tell YOU to go piss up that same rope?  What possible
incentive do I have to put up with the attitude as well as the technical

This might have had something to do with what drove Luke away......

> The full NT RPC printing support for 2.2 has taken around 2
> person years of effort. This is just *one* of the RPC subsystems.


> Getting to something that "sort of" works is hard enough. Going
> the rest of the way so that something like MS Exchange can use
> a Samba PDC, so the BDC's can replicate with it - that's harder still.

I am fully aware of this.

> > When the public is ignored in its requests for PDC timelines (and it has
> > been) then this is what you can expect to see in response.
> PDC will ship when the code is ready and working. That's the only valid
> timeline possible to commit to.

You mean *IF* it is (ever) ready and working.

Until you set published targets, the word is IF, not WHEN.

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