Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Sep 25 23:53:12 GMT 2000

Karl Denninger wrote:
> The truth is unhelpful?
> Get over yourselves.


	Saying "a bunch of cats fighting" is a personal opinion,
not a truth.

> Ah, so you're not a truly open-source project.
> Thanks.
> You just made CERTAIN that I have no interest in helping you - unless,
> of course, that policy changes.  <smile>

No serious Open Source projects allow arbitrary *write* access
to their code repositories.

If you would take a little time to think about the issues involved
in Open Source code trust you would realize why this is the case.

> If I ask a very reasonable question and get told to write it myself, I just
> might, but why would I do it under YOUR auspices and with YOU being the
> "head" of things?

I'm not the "head" of things. That's Andrew :-). If you want it
done faster, help, don't bother to complain. That wastes time for
everyone. That's the basic philosophy.

> Why not do it and tell YOU to go piss up that same rope?  What possible
> incentive do I have to put up with the attitude as well as the technical
> challenges?
> This might have had something to do with what drove Luke away......

Karl, you know nothing of Luke's personal issues.



Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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