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Mon Sep 25 14:49:59 GMT 2000

With all this trouble around samba-tng lately I'm in the process
of cleaning my Sun's from the leftovers of samba and samba-tng and use
the new version of Sun PC NetLink (1.2) which you can download from for free
(after registration etc. and it's really large, around 262MB).

Ok, It's not Free Software in the sense of Open Source, I don't have
source to muck with. And it's a real pitty that I cannot use it on my
NetBSD machines. But: it's a complete PDC/BDC for NT, supports
Win98/95 etc and is doing what I need in my environment. YMMV!

Don't get me wrong: I really appreciate the work Luke at al. have done
on TNG, but if I can see no future for a once really interesting and
promising project, I've to look elsewhere for the tools to get my job

Just my 2 cents...

     Kurt Schreiner

Ps.: My relationship with Sun Microsystems is as a satisfied coustomer,
     nothing else.
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