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Wed Sep 20 07:56:35 GMT 2000

The machines trust account must be set to a default value. Do this with:
"smbpasswd -am <netbios_name_of_client>" (yes, I know a is for add, but
it doesn't work so well unless you use a)

Then join the machine to the domain without trying to make an account
(this does not work on 2.0.7, which is why you have to set the default


René Pizaña Morones wrote:
> Hi
>         I have a linux box with redhat 6.2 (samba 2.07) and i configured it to work
> like a PDC.
>         I installed NT4Ws on a computer (priamo is its name), and when i want to
> joint it to my linux box domain, i get this massage:
> [2000/09/19 20:01:54, 0] smbd/reply.c:session_trust_account(419)
>   session_trust_account: Trust Account PRIAMO$ - password failed
> I have the same password for the administrator account of my workstation, for
> an administrator account which I created in the linux box, and for the priamo$
> account.
> If that not work, than which password i have to change?
> thanks

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