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Fri Sep 15 14:53:14 GMT 2000

Hi! My name's Pedro and i'm from PORTUGAL. 
I've set up a proxy server, running under RedHat 6.2, using Squid, and it's
qorking fine, but i wish to have the log files authenticated by user login.
I'm trying to use the smb_auth software and i've followed the steps
described to join the NT domain ( The PDC is an NT Server ) and have
successfully joined the domain, but i can't get a valid authentication.
Here's what i get when i try this:

> smb_auth -W NBPORTO -d

> cmj  cmj2000
Domain name: NBPORTO
Pass-through authentication: no
Query address options:
Domain controller IP address:
Domain controler NETBIOS name:

There's 2 strange facts, maybe the second is a consequence of the first. The
domain controller's ( NT PDC ) IP adress is in fact ( not 253
) and it always returns an error. In the smb.conf file i've inserted the
controller has, and i tried creating an account on the PDC for
this machine as NT Workstation or server, but it changes to Nt Backup when
it detects the machine. 
Also, if i try usinf nmblookup, i get successful answer for the machine
names, but get a warnig message, telling me this:
"Unkown parameter encountered: "domain controller"
Ignoring Unkown parameter "domain controller"

Though i have set this optios to NBPPDC in the smb.conf file i always get
this as a response to my test.

Can anyone help on this? I'm sure someone must have tried to do this.
Thanks in advance.

       Pedro Ribeiro


Pedro Ribeiro 
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