TNG and HEAD merge?

Scott Merrill smerrill at
Fri Sep 15 17:11:40 GMT 2000

I've been using Samba 2.0.7 to provide domain logons for Win98 clients for
some time.  I now have need to add a Windows 2000 member server to my
domain, so I obviously need Samba TNG (or portions thereof).

I downloaded the samba-tng-alpha.2.6.tar.gz file,  and read the
/source/README, which indicates that I should use the old (2.0.7) smbd and
nmbd daemons if I need to preserve current functionality.  The Samba-TNG FAQ
also seems to indicate as much.

Could someone please provide me fairly detailed instructions on how to go
about merging the TNG components that I need with the old smbd and nmbd that
work?  I tried replacing the TNG daemons with the ones from the Red Hat 6.2
samba RPM, but that did not seem to work.  Do I need to actually compile the
daemons with the TNG in some way?

Please pardon my abysmal ignorance, but I've never used CVS.  So all this
speak about merging the latest head CVS snapshot with the TNG code is beyond
me.  I'm not a programmer, and honestly have very little desire to become
one.  I'm willing to learn as much as I need to get this particular problem
solved, but I'm finding it hard to get started.

Any and all assistance will be _greatly_ appreciated.

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