TNG and new unexplained daemons

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Thu Sep 14 19:32:20 GMT 2000

You basically need to start everything ending with a 'd' in the bin/
directory. :)

[ erm, there really needs to be script(s) shipped with TNG to start/stop
everything nicely, taking dependencies into account ... or better, if the
daemons can start each other ]

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> Subject:	TNG and new unexplained daemons
> What seems to be holding me up with TNG at the moment are vaious error
> messages relating to things like lsarpc and svcctld. It would appear
> that these daemons need to be running. However, nothing in the various
> FAQs I have found mentions these things. Does TNG really require a
> handful of new daemons to be started along with smbd and nmbd? Are they
> supposed to start themselves? Are there some other configurations files
> that aren't being mentioned?
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