OpenLDAP2.0.1/SAMBA schemas

Kurt D. Zeilenga Kurt at
Wed Sep 13 17:40:49 GMT 2000

I hit the "send" button prior to completing my response.
Sorry about that.  This completes my response.  

Basically, the schema developer needs to obtain OIDs for their
use.  How they obtain them is quite organization specific.

The schema developer, of course, can view themselves as an
independent organization and obtain an OID arch for their
use.  There are multiple sources of such OIDs, IANA is a
popular source (because they are free and easy).

As far as which OIDs are used for a specification, it doesn't
rightly matter as long as the assignment is permanent.  (OID
assignment is meant to be permanent, but some times isn't).
Fictitious OIDs should not be used under any circumstances.

In the case of a Samba developed LDAP schema, I would assume
that the Samba organization would assign an OID for this use.
If the Samba organization needs a OID, one can be easily
obtained.  See FAQ and/or OpenLDAP 2.0 Administrator Guide
for details.

OpenLDAP does have an OID for it's use, but we're not in
the OID assignment business.  IANA is.


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