OpenLDAP2.0.1/SAMBA schemas

Kurt D. Zeilenga Kurt at
Wed Sep 13 17:26:49 GMT 2000

At 06:12 PM 9/13/00 +0100, Ross Davis wrote:

>> The next week we are planning to test the Open-ldap 2.0.1... 
>>From what I've read you need OIDs for the SAMBA objectclasses, correct?

Yes, all LDAPv3 schema elements must be assigned a globally
unique object identifier (OID).

>If so I wonder will they be given OIDs by SAMBA or OpenLDAP teams at a later
>stage (or do you have to assign them yourself)!?

It's the responsibility of the schema developer to obtain necessary
OIDs.  The schema developer can obtain these from anyone willing
to assign/delegate OIDs to the developer.  Normally the developer
obtains a set which are under 

>And if OIDs are needed
>does SAMBA not have to be able to handle this? (I have practically zero
>knowledge of OIDs and their use, so, will somebody put me straight if I'm
>wrong here?). Also, are there OIDs one can use for testing purposes?

You can assign OIDs under your control for any purpose, including

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