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geoffrey at ticom.com geoffrey at ticom.com
Thu Sep 7 17:47:01 GMT 2000

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 08:43:54AM -0700, thus spake Ken Barber:

> You cannot possibly have Samba set up as either a BDC or a PDC under 2.0.6
> because neither that version, nor the current version (2.0.7), nor the next
> one coming out any day now, will support PDC/BDC functionality.

Actually, you are wrong here. I have two seperate Samba v2.0.6 servers
running as PDCs for their respective networks/domains. It does, indeed,
work - has since at least 2.0.5a. Now, it is correct that Samba cannot act
as a BDC, but as PDC it does just fine.

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