Samba TNG passwd problems.

ivar ivar at
Thu Sep 7 11:10:41 GMT 2000

 I installed samba 2.6 alpha TNG. The W2000 seems to find the domain
'KLASS' , but no
suitable user : password combination. I used smbpasswd file originally
created for samba 2.0.7 located in the
/opt/samba-tng/private directory.  The error message in
Rejecting user 'ivar': authentication failed
socket connect to /opt/samba-tng/var/locks/.msrpc/lsarpc failed
ncalrpc_l_establish_connection: failed lsarpc)
ncalrpc_l_use_add: connection failed
SMB LM/NT Password did not match!

How  can I create new users for samba-tng, as there seems to be no
smbpasswd command?


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