win2k & smb

Neil Molino npmolino at
Thu Sep 7 06:26:35 GMT 2000


I've read a lot of the archives and still can't figure this out.  Sorry for
being dense.  I am trying to get a win2k professional machine to connect to
a linux samba server RH5.2, but samba upgraded to samba-2.0.6-9.  It seems
that I've read conflicting acounts about whether it is necessary to use TNG.

My basic problem is that the samba server doesn't appear in the Computers
Near Me section under My Network Places.  I can find it when I search under
the Entire Network.  I find the machine and try to open it (i.e double
click).  I get an error-box saying "\\egg is not accessible.  The account is
not authorized to log in from this station."

In smb.conf I've allowed the 192.168.1. subnet (I believe this is the
correct term).  I have security=user.  Do I need security=server?  If so,
and I specify the win2k machine as the NT-server-name, what do I need to do
to that machine to make it know that it is a password server?

Thanks so much.

Desperate in Palo Alto,


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