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Tue Sep 5 16:11:08 GMT 2000

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> I'm experimenting with creating a Linux PDC for my non-profit 
> group.  I have
> the domain up and running with the Win98 clients, however I'd like to
> convert from a peer-to-peer network to a controlled network.  
> While I don't
> require sharing any files/drives on the Win9x machines, I do 
> need to share
> printers.  Every time I bring up the share dialog on the 
> Win98 machine and
> try to add a user, I get the list not available, try later dialog.
> Is there a way around this?  Is there an smb.conf setting I missed?
> Dave Leffler
> Leffler Homepage


You don't say which version of Samba you're using.  

My top student worker and I just spent a week and a half setting up a little
lab in an unused computer classroom playing with various versions of Samba.
We needed to do something similar to what you want:  give domain users
rights/permissions on the local machines.  

We found that there's a difference between a PDC authenticating a user
logging into the domain, and the PDC responding to a request from a
workstation that wants to assign rights/permissions to a user.

All of the current releases of Samba (2.0.7, the soon-to-be-released next
version, and TNG) will do the former without problems.  However, only TNG
will to the latter.

We had a lot of fun playing with it and learned a lot, but there's no way
we're going to put alpha software (i.e., TNG) on a production server!  We
decided to install NT on an old, slow box for a domain controller and then
use the Samba box (running the current stable release, thank you) for file
and print services.

Good luck.

Ken Barber
Network Administrator
Northwest Christian College
Eugene, Oregon USA

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