Can Samba Provide a User List for Win98 Sharing

Larry James ljames at
Tue Oct 31 15:19:25 GMT 2000

     Thank you for the input, Tracey.  I studied your response and samba
in more depth and found that I was not using TNG after all.
Samba-2.2.0.alpha0 is not TNG.  I went back to and grabbed
samba-tng-alpha.2.6 and find this to be significantly different.
Unfortunately I can't get this to work at all.  I'm checking all the
dialogue of the error messages I get from the various news groups and
finding the my current errors are very common.
     I notice that smbpasswd isn't distributed with version 2.6.  I'm
currently studying to see how to use the samedit, which I believe
replaces the smbpasswd program.
     At present I can't log into the domain because my passwords aren't
authenticated.  To quickly toggle between the two versions, I have both
opened in /usr/local/ and when I'm trying to work with getting 2.6 to
work I use link samba to samba-tng-alpha.2.6.  Everything works using
the sam smb.conf file that fails under samba-2.2.0.alpha0.
     I'm having so many problems with the 2.6, that I'm not ready to ask
the best educated question, except maybe, does anyone have a very quick
recipe that might get samba up, with it's most minimum configuration, to
actually work.
     2.2.0.alpha0 fails to provide a user list for Win98.  However, I
don't have any problems with any other part of it.  TNG-2.6 doesn't work
for the Win98 shares or the samba share for me.
     Thanks again for any suggestions or comments.

			  -- L. James

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