problems with smbpasswd -j

Nickolay Kritsky nkritsky at
Tue Oct 31 13:18:33 GMT 2000

Please help me! I'm trying to make samba working like PDC.
I've made machine account in samba passwd and /etc/passwd,
name is testbsd$, and tried this:
smbpasswd -j TESTDOMAIN
(it is said that PDC itself must be member of domain he controls)
i've got response:

No password server list given in smb.conf - unable to join domain.

if i add "password server=testbsd" line in smb.conf i will get :
modify_trust_paswword: Machine TESTBSD is one of our addresses cannot add to
...blablabla... Unable to join domain TESTDOMAIN.
if you think that my smb.conf is invalid - you can check it on

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