SAMBA and Win2K Terminal Services

Andy Polyakov appro at
Mon Oct 30 22:49:49 GMT 2000

> > > (link:

> ... doesn't apply to W2K TSE ...

> My impression of this (I believe from a ntdom list discussion from last year) is that the 2048 limit
> (on open files per SMB connection) is a result of Microsoft's non-standard implementation of the SMB
> protocol... it was said that they've borrowed for other purposes some bits that are supposed to be
> used to track filehandles.  If this is the case then I doubt that it is tunable on the Windows side.
> My recollection on this is hazy... What I do remember, though, is that the root of problem was
> definitely with Microsoft, not Samba.
                             ^^^^^^^^^ *IF* smbd doesn't run out file
descriptors before W2K establishes extra connection for next 2048
handles. It would be typical scenario for Solaris (unless you tune a
kernel variable).  


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