Can Samba Provide a User List for Win98 Sharing

Larry James ljames at
Mon Oct 30 20:40:36 GMT 2000

     I'm read a few messages that seems to suggest that Samba-tng can
provide authentication and user/group list for sharing Win98 resources.
However, there's nothing clear in the documentation of how to do it.
Also, I've asked how to do it numerous times in various groups and there
has never been any response.
     Please, will someone advise me if I'm trying something that's
currently not possible.
     It works as follows, for Novell.  In the Windows network
configuration, you can setup your network to use User-Level Access.
Then give an Access Control Provider.  Currently I'm doing this with
Novell 4.0 as my password provider.  I'm dropping Novell, and prefer not
to replace it with NT since I already have Linux and Samba in my
     Does anyone know if Samba-tng can function as a User List provider
for Win98 Sharing?
     Thanks in advance for any comment or suggestion.
			-- L. James

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