Two samba servers, same machine?

tschweikle at tschweikle at
Mon Oct 30 14:34:41 GMT 2000

simo.sorce at
>Blas Castro wrote:
>>         Hello, does any guru know whether it is possible two differents
>> servers running in the same machine two differents samba servers?
>> [...]
> It's not difficult.
> You need:
> 2 IP address
> 2 Samba installations with different base path

Ok. This works, but having two different installation Paths isn't
necessary. You only need two different config files. Telling smbd and nmbd
which to use at startup:

/usr/sbin/nmbd -s /etc/smb1.conf
/usr/sbin/nmbd -s /etc/smb2.conf

/usr/sbin/smbd -s /etc/smb1.conf
/usr/sbin/smbd -s /etc/smb2.conf

If the second nmbd or smbd doesnt start have a look at '/var/lock/samba'.
Maybe you'll find something like there. Copy it to, then start the second nmbd. Same
applies for smbd.

It's a bit a pitty: there is no configuration option to put these file
somewhere else then '/var/lock/samba' thus you have to do it your own.

Setting the debug level to 3 helps finding any errors. But I don't
recomend leaving it there --- the log gets realy huge.


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