Two samba servers, same machine?

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> Blas Castro wrote:
> >         Hello, does any guru know whether it is possible
> two differents samba
> > servers running in the same machine two differents samba servers?
> It's not difficult.
> You need:
> 2 IP address
> 2 Samba installations with different base path
Accually, you only need one set of samba binaries.

You then uses
./smbd -n -s /usr/local/samba/lib/smb1.conf
./smbd -n -s /usr/local/samba/lib/smb2.conf
and start them with one conf-file each.
(-n to have a nmbd sevice started so that theserver announces itself on the

> Then make any configuration on the two smb.conf
> (/usr/local/samba1/lib/smb.conf and /usr/local/samba2/lib/smb.conf)
> In smb.conf set these parameters:
> bind interface only = True
> interfaces =
You still nead to make the configs like this!

I use this to have a HACMP configuration of my samba servers in a AIX
I have the config files on a shared area and if one of the samba-servers
dies for any reason, the other server just starts a new smbd and nmbd
process for that instance.
With this config I also have a HACP controlled PDC ;) (Hey, who needs a

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