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Blas Castro blas.castro at netgiro.com
Mon Oct 30 11:04:42 GMT 2000


=09i guess there are some patches with the actual samba distribution to
apply to the Windows registry to solve this problem with Win95
machines, u can find it at "samba-2.x/docs/Win95_PlainPassword.reg"

=09Maybe it can help!!

On Sun, 29 Oct 2000, Steen Jakobsen wrote:
> Hej Samba folks
> I started adding a win98 user to Linux pdc -- it went out good with enc=
rypt passwords..Now, I should add another user with a win95 machine. Firs=
t it said serious problem cant find ip-address -- I installed service pac=
k one and the problem was solved -- but still I can't log this comp on th=
e the pdc --- I have made the passwords in excately them same way -- what=
 is the problem ? I have some suggestions : 1) Win95 don't have encrypted=
 passwords  2) The logon file has to be made for each of the computers (b=
ut this one i don't beleive because the filename is unik) any help ??
> regards
> Steen=20

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