W2K and Profiles (Under Samba 2.2)

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Sun Oct 29 22:09:56 GMT 2000

Manea has sent me a message (see below) saying, quite authoritivly, that
W2K is not going to honour NTCONFIG.POL after build 2128 (I'm using 2195).
It will use Group Policies Objects under Active Directory. This seems to
mean that a Samba PDC will not be able to do policies.

Has anyone actually done some work on this ? Does it perhaps not apply when
the W2K box is connecting to the domain in legacy mode ? If somebody has
tried it, please let me know to save me having to make a policy file on my
test system.

Was : Re: about your http://bioserve.biochem.latrobe.edu.au/samba/ntdom.html
At 06:20 PM 27/10/2000 +0200, Manea Mirko wrote:
>I send you a small addition to improve your document; in 1.1, item 3,
>you say: "Apply policies from a domain policy file to NT and Y2K (?)
>W2K uses group policy objects and according to
>starting from W2K RC2 build 2128, you cannot use system policy anymore.
>My 2 cent...
>Mirko Manea
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