samba and win2K server

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Sun Oct 29 00:55:34 GMT 2000

That staggering amount of packet loss can only mean bad cabling or hardware.

As for your samba probs, I'll need to know which version of samba you are
running and what if any domain situation you have.
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  I'm very new to network issues and have just got a win2K server (PDC) and
a linux box (Red hat 6.2). I'm trying to share a folder on the linux box so
that its accessable to the win2k box. At pressent I can see the linux box in
the network neighbourhood but cann't access it. I donn't know where to
start. any pointers would be gratefully recevied.

  Also, when i ping the wi2k box from the linux box I get the following

  64 packets transmitted, 4 packets recived, 93% packets loss
  round-trip min/avg/max = .6/25507.3/51034.7ms

  but when I ping my linux box the stats are much better:

  packets: sent = 4, recevied = 4, lost = 0 <0% loss>
  approximate round trip times
  min = 0ms, max = 0ms, average = 0ms

  is this a problem, if so what could be causing it.


  David Hemingway
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