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David Hemingway david.hemingway at
Sat Oct 28 12:22:41 GMT 2000


I'm very new to network issues and have just got a win2K server (PDC) and a linux box (Red hat 6.2). I'm trying to share a folder on the linux box so that its accessable to the win2k box. At pressent I can see the linux box in the network neighbourhood but cann't access it. I donn't know where to start. any pointers would be gratefully recevied.

Also, when i ping the wi2k box from the linux box I get the following stats:

64 packets transmitted, 4 packets recived, 93% packets loss
round-trip min/avg/max = .6/25507.3/51034.7ms

but when I ping my linux box the stats are much better:

packets: sent = 4, recevied = 4, lost = 0 <0% loss>
approximate round trip times 
min = 0ms, max = 0ms, average = 0ms

is this a problem, if so what could be causing it.


David Hemingway
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