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Fri Oct 27 02:47:42 GMT 2000


Samba is not a solution in this case.
Try DNS.


Christophe MAILHE wrote:

> Dear all,
> Is someone able to help me ?
> I just install Samba for AIX (AIX
> Basically I was looking for a free ware able to
> resolve hostnames of windows NT workstations. I
> actually have about 150 users connecting to AIX
> servers using telnet sessions.
> All Workstations are set to use NT DHCP server and the
> only trace I have in the connection history are IP
> Addresses.
> 1) Is it possible using Samba to make AIX resolving IP
> addresses to hostnames ? I mean instead to have an IP
> address in the logs or an IP address when you run the
> who command, to have the correct hostname.
> 2) Is it possible using Samba to make AIX resolving
> hostnames to IP Addresses, when you run a ping command
> for example. If today I try to ping a workstation
> using is hostname, if I don't create a enrty in the
> AIX host file, the system will reply : ping - host
> name NOT FOUND.
> Christophe MAILHE.
> AIX Administrator.
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