NetBEUI share between networks

Geoffrey Lee snailtalk at
Sat Oct 21 17:13:30 GMT 2000


On Sat, Oct 21, 2000 at 04:28:35PM +0000, John Doe wrote:
> I am running a Samba 7.0 Server between two networks that use NetBEUI. I was 

There is no "Samba 7.0". You must be talking about the distribution version.
Exactly what version of Samba do you have?

> wondering if it would be possible to access NetBEUI shares between networks. 
>   As it stands now, i can't acess the shares from any machine on either side 
> of the Server through Microsoft's Network Neighborhood, but i can if i 
> specify an IP address when manually mapping to a network drive.

What do you mean by between networks? NetBEUI does not support routing.

If you can use IP but not name, maybe your nmbd server is broke?


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