NetBEUI share between networks

Rob Tanner rtanner at
Sun Oct 22 05:08:30 GMT 2000

There are really two issues, browsing and NetBEUI.  NetBEUI is the 
easiest to dispense with.  In a word, NO!  The only reason you're able 
to access them at all is that they are using both NetBEUI and IP for 
networking.  NetBEUI is a non-routable protocol designed for small, 
localized networks.  It is not accessible across a router.  At our 
site, NetBEUI is turned off completely (less junk in the segments) and 
we use IP exclusively.

The Network Neighborhood issue is a browsing issue and not a NetBEUI 
issue.  The Master Browser on a segment finds out what's out there 
because when a Wundows client machine comes up on line it broadcasts 
that information and the Master Browser hears the broadcast and records 
it.  The WINS server likewise picks that up.  Generic broadcasts, 
however, don't cross network boundaries (on some routers you can enable 
the forwarding of directed broadcasts, but that's a very different 
animal).  In order for machines in network "B" to see network "A" in 
Network Neighborhood (and also for "A" to see "B"), the Master Browsers 
must share information with each other.  We run across five different 
segments and everybody can pretty much see everybody.

-- Rob

--On 10/21/00 04:28:35 PM +0000 John Doe <c2z4s9 at> wrote:

> I am running a Samba 7.0 Server between two networks that use
> NetBEUI. I was wondering if it would be possible to access NetBEUI
> shares between networks.   As it stands now, i can't acess the shares
> from any machine on either side of the Server through Microsoft's
> Network Neighborhood, but i can if i specify an IP address when
> manually mapping to a network drive.
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