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Buchan Milne bgmilne at ing.sun.ac.za
Wed Oct 18 16:21:06 GMT 2000

Make sure the "homes" share is working. After this, you will probably
have to threaten them with death if they save anywhere else! You could
also have the drive mapped. If you are running samba as a PDC, this
would normally be done anyway (/home/<username> mapped to Z:).

You need to tell us more than this for us to be able to help you.

1)Is samba working (can you see the machine in  network neighborhood)?
(if not you have more serious problems)
2)Do you have a domain / PDC already (then you can use a log-in script
to map a drive)
3)Is this samba machine your PDC (then you don't have to do 2, as it
gets done)
4)DO all the users connecting have an account and home directory (will
mean people don't have anywhere to save to).


lester denmark wrote:
> how do i have my pc users connect to a linux server
> w/samba and have all of their docs and files saved in
> a home directory?
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