Privileges NT and Samba

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On an NT workstation, a user ID requires at least 'Power User' privileges to
change time. Administrator privileges would also work, but you wouldn't want
to give every user admin privileges unless you have a death wish (imho).

Anyway, from the <Start> button, select Programs - Administrative Tools -
User Manager. Select the user, click on Groups, select Power User from the
right side, click on Add, then OK a couple of times. There's probably also a
policy editor method of doing this for a group.

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I remember someone had a list in a previous mail.
You should find it in the list archives.

HTH, Osama

> > The net time problem is not a samba but a NT one. You must
> > give the right to change system time to everybody for this
> > command to succeede for non-root users. Better solution
> > is using one of the freeware time-setting tools for NT.
> Could you name some?
> --
> Torsten

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