Samba PDC Issue

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Oct 17 04:59:33 GMT 2000


This is a bad bug in the old 2.1 code which loops through
the password and group files to determine group membership.
Best advice is to trim you smbpasswd file as much 
as possible and hold on until we get a stable PDC out the

If you are running NIS, try making the PDC a NIS
slave (or copying the passwd map locally).

PS:  One of the main problems is that code calls getpwnam()
for every line in smbpasswd when all you need to validate 
is the line fo rthe user once you have found it.

Maybe search the samba-ntdom archives.  Seems like
someone may have posted a patch.  You can search at

Cheers, jerry

Mike Kennedy wrote:
> The problem is that if students in the lab all happen to 
> try to log in at the same time, the server doesn't seem 
> to be able to handle it, the load average eclipses 250, 
> and then I have to restart samba so that the machine 
> can have any functionality at all.
> I'm running samba-2.1.0... can anyone please help me 
> to figure out whats wrong here? It seems as if other 
> people have been able to have workstation labs 
> without this problem.

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