Samba PDC Issue

Mike Kennedy mikek at
Mon Oct 9 23:05:51 GMT 2000

Hello All,

I just subscribed to this list, so I'm sorry if this question has 
already been answered in the archives somewhere, there were too 
many messages to go through. Perhaps someone can direct me to one?

Anyway, here's the issue:

I have 5 NT workstation labs on campus each with about 30-50 machines 
on average in them. I use 5 sun netras with Solaris 2.7 on them. Each
one authenicates one of the labs with a samba PDC running on them.

The problem is that if students in the lab all happen to try to log in
at the same time, the server doesn't seem to be able to handle it, the
load average eclipses 250, and then I have to restart samba so that the
machine can have any functionality at all. 

The authentication servers running Samba are on a different subnet then
the labs, but people are still able to log in as long they are staggered.

I'm running samba-2.1.0... can anyone please help me to figure out whats
wrong here? It seems as if other people have been able to have 
workstation labs without this problem.

I would appreciate any suggestions you would have... thank you in advance.


Mike Kennedy               
Systems Group, C&C
mikek at

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