Authen::Smb - called name not present

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Oct 16 05:15:03 GMT 2000

Hi Bob,

At 03:43 PM 10/16/00 +1100, Bob Smart wrote:
>I'm trying to use Authen::Smb (which is based on smbval
>in smbclient) to authenticate against a Win2k server.
>I can use smbclient to browse a file system on the server.
>However Authen::Smb is failing and when I get in there
>and add some print statements I see that the server is
>returning an error 0x82. The code in smbval says this is
>CNNP "Called Name Not Present".

When you try to connect via NetBIOS, you present a calling NetBIOS name and
a  called NetBIOS name. Usually the called NetBIOS name is the name of the
server in things like \\server\share. 

W2K probably only supports two things in the called name field: The NetBIOS
name of the server or *SMBSERVER.

Samba, OTOH, is happy to accept anything in the called name field, and will
use it as the basis of Virtual servers if you set things up correctly.

What are you passing as the called name?

>I'd appreciate any ideas of what I might be doing wrong, or 
>of how (roughly) Authen::Smb might be changed to keep Win2k

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