hosts allow format

Michael Miller mmiller at
Thu Oct 12 17:27:31 GMT 2000

here's my hosts allow line:

hosts allow = 127.

Do I need the dots on the end of the address that designates the namespaces
that can connect?  I'm having trouble connecting to the domain from a remote
location in the b namespace.  I have no trouble connecting when I'm using an
IP in the x namespace.  The x namespace is local to the SAMBA server.  I'm
running Samba 2.1.0 as a PDC in the x namespace.  The examples I have seen
don't distinguish between whether the namespace designation ends with a dot
or not.  

My client machine is an iBook running NT4 via Virtual PC.  I know this is
unusual but it works fine locally.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Michael Miller
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Emerging Technologies Studio
Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design
The Ohio State University

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