TNG 2.6 and RedHat 7

Franz Sirl Franz.Sirl-kernel at
Fri Oct 6 10:44:45 GMT 2000

At 18:43 05.10.00, rvargo at wrote:

>Anybody been able to get this to compile?  The newer version of glibc is
>giving me quite a headache.  Since I am not a programmer, if anybody has made
>any patches, I would love to get a copy!
>Here is how I am configuring it:
>./configure --prefix=/usr --with-localstatedir=/var/log/samba
>--with-swatdir=/usr/share/swat --with-lockdir=/var/lock/samba
>--with-privatedir=/etc/samba --with-pam --with-smbmount --with-automount
>--with-sam-pwdb=passdb --with-sambaconfdir=/etc/samba --with-profile
>--with-quotas --with-netatalk
>Here is where it stops compiling:
>Compiling tdb/tdb.c with libtool
>Compiling tdb/tdbutil.c with libtool
>tdb/tdbutil.c: In function `tdb_pack':
>tdb/tdbutil.c:119: `short unsigned int' is promoted to `int' when passed
>through `...'
>tdb/tdbutil.c:119: (so you should pass `int' not `short unsigned int' to
>make: *** [tdb/tdbutil.lo] Error 1

This is a source bug, it is using something like

         va_arg(ap, short unsigned int)

which is illegal C and gcc-2.96 now correctly detects this bug. Use this 
correct construct instead:

         (short unsigned int) va_arg(ap, unsigned int)

which was already suggested by gcc's error message.


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