The reason we can't continue using Samba

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Oct 5 20:52:47 GMT 2000

Joe Rhett wrote:
> I didn't talk about wants versus code. I said that 
> we needed a timeline.
> > We are *attempting* to complete as soon as 
> > possible. Keep checking the code to see how far we are along.
> What the hell is asap? When someone says asap to me, I 
> hear "November", but Gerald's comments clearly indicate 
> "maybe March". Those are two different orders of 
> magnitude. And given the general crawl of Samba 
> development, I would interpret "asap" to mean November, 
> 2001. I'm used to interpret Sun & Microsoft's "release 
> schedules", to interpret "asap" in terms of Samba is
> to assume 1-2 years unless you say otherwise.

Joe,  You asked for a timeline and we said 2.2.0 out 
in beta soon (meaning next few weeks hopefully).  3.0 due
out optimistically Q1 2001.  Jeremy and I and not 
saying different things.  We know what our plans are and
are trying to communicate those plans to the Samba community.

People asked for a roadmap.  I've spent the past week 
trying to corrdinate volunteer efforts, TODO lists,
roadmaps, etc...

You got your answer.  Why do you persist with this
rude tone of voice?

> Jeremy, it's been 5 years since I got sick of your 
> idiotic comments about real problems I was reporting 
> and I'm flat out amazed that you haven't grown up the 
> slightest in the intervening time period. Some of us 
> have real projects, real jobs, real schedules.

ok.  If there is some type of personal history, you should 
take it off line.  EOF.  

I am personaly ignoring any other messages in this thread 
as I have better things to do I see nothing to accomplish 

[sigh....sometimes I really think this list should 
be moderated....]

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