The reason we can't continue using Samba

Joe Rhett jrhett at
Thu Oct 5 21:01:45 GMT 2000

> > > We are *attempting* to complete as soon as 
> > > possible. Keep checking the code to see how far we are along.
> > 
> > What the hell is asap? When someone says asap to me, I 
> > hear "November", but Gerald's comments clearly indicate 
> > "maybe March". Those are two different orders of 
		...			...
> Joe,  You asked for a timeline and we said 2.2.0 out 
> in beta soon (meaning next few weeks hopefully).  3.0 due
> out optimistically Q1 2001.  Jeremy and I and not 
> saying different things.  We know what our plans are and
> are trying to communicate those plans to the Samba community.
I was replying to Jeremy's irrelevant commentary, and his statement that we
should accept "asap".

> People asked for a roadmap.  I've spent the past week 
> trying to corrdinate volunteer efforts, TODO lists,
> roadmaps, etc...
> You got your answer.  Why do you persist with this
> rude tone of voice?
100% response to Jeremy. My original comments weren't rude, just
uncomfortable in the sense that any criticism is. Why aren't you talking to
your own team member about the relevance of their replies?

This was why I stopped bothering with Samba. The rude, irrelevant attacks
from people who were supposed to be helping out. Those of us who wanted to
resolve things couldn't do it for the noise created by people who didn't
understand why 100% compatibility was useful, or why we needed X feature.
Their world didn't require it, thus no one did.

> I am personaly ignoring any other messages in this thread 
> as I have better things to do I see nothing to accomplish 
> here.
> [sigh....sometimes I really think this list should 
> be moderated....]
I was trying to make a point about why the timeline and expected
deliverables are useful for developing implementation plans. As always with
the Samba team, it reduced quickly to irrelevant snipes and off-topic attacks
about things irrelevant to the subject at hand.

Since nothing has changed and the only useful development in Samba has 
stopped, I'll remove myself from the list and thus kill the topic.

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