reason we(you) cant keep using Samba

Edward Schernau ed at
Thu Oct 5 20:13:58 GMT 2000

How dare you complain that Samba doesn't fit the niche you
need it for?  It's _FREE_.  You know what that means, right?
To sum up:  Andrew,Jeremy, and even Luke do this FOR NOTHING.
You're lucky you have ANYTHING.  Sure, they get paid by
interested parties, but you personally, have contributed
nada financially, and certainly nothing in the way of any moral

So instead of damning them and whining that it doesn't do
what you want, when you want it, why not either kick in some
cash, code, or be quiet?

There's a roadmap out there, ACL support in 2.0.8, for example,
and other stuff (and I haven't even looked at lately).

Take what you get (for free) and be happy.
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