Login Script & access to Win95 shares across SAMBA

Patrick Ouellette ouellep at algonquincollege.com
Thu Oct 5 17:27:23 GMT 2000

Okay, that last directive - domain logons = yes - put me one more step over 
the top.
But, when I login to the NT domain (which works, by the way), it doesn't 
execute the login script off the NT box.
I'm not sure I'm missing anything by not having this - other than the MOD 
off the NT box - but it's one of the details I'd like to fix.

Also, I have shared directories AND a shared printer on my Win95 box that I 
make available to other staff here.
My system is (now) visible from the Network Neighborhood on anyone else's 
machine, but there's no access to its shares.
Ideas ?


Patrick Ouellette

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