PDC W2k and Samba 3.0

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at dff.st
Thu Oct 5 09:34:38 GMT 2000

Hi, there!

First of all: you guys are doing a great job!Thanks for samba!
Now: There are so many rumors around... I want some more
reliable facts.

All our workstations use Windows 2000 Professinonal and
we want the profiles stored on our samba server as well
as using it as file and print server.

2.0.6   We have running it for months now (with NT 4) - great!
2.0.7   Lacks support for Windows 2000 as PDC (as far as I know?!)
TNG 2.6 Tried it. PDC works fine. But we're not able to connect
        to shares after login into the PDC.
        "SMB LM/NT Password did not match!"
        And I was told it forks to much and printing is not full
        funtional yet. And the worst thing: it is supposed to
        be dead.
3.0     (Have heard:)Was annouced for October. But don't even
        find a pre-alpha version.

Could you please comment on this?

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