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Tue Oct 3 11:53:21 GMT 2000

> John Doe wrote:
> >    Why... after i install Samba 2.0.7 does nmbd , smbd, and every other
> > samba utility display version 2.0.6?
> How did you install Samba? If you used some kind of package management,
> the package didn't do the upgrade properly. If you built from source,
> you should have uninstalled the earlier version first.

AFAIK most packages are installed as default to the /opt/samba location.  If he had built 
from source the 2.0.7 install would have renamed the binary files to .old.  Source-built installs 
are as default put in /usr/local/samba

There might be several reasons for not showing the correct version:.  
- You have installed the package/source-install to another location which the PATH cannot 
reach first.
- You are still running the old SWAT
- You have not shutdown all the instanses of the old samba (smbd/nmbd).
- you are using an old smb.conf file with version-option set to the old version

To check if you really have the right binaries go to the location you installed you binaries (ie 
/opt/samba/bin, /usr/local/samba/bin) and do a "./smbd -V".  Remember the puncation 
before the "/" or you might be overridden by the PATH setting.  

Check if your settings are correct in the /etc/inetd.conf or /etc/rc type files.  If they are correct i 
reccomend a reboot of the server.  (Fix the settings if not)  That way you will be sure that 
none of the old processes are still running and you get a fresh start.  SWAT are supposed to 
be able to kill all instanses of the nmbd and smbd, but I am not sure what will happen if you 
are running two samba versions at the same time.

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