Odp: Changing Password from NT4 Workstation to Samba

Eric Davis davis at ooi.net
Tue Oct 3 13:29:17 GMT 2000

I am just starting on setting this up.  I am not on the network
that the server is on so I cannot sniff the traffic very easily.

Rafa³ Szcze¶niak wrote:
> Can you send your password command parameter from smb.conf.
> Did you already try to do this or you just starting ?
> Rafa³
> Eric Davis <davis at ooi.net>
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> 00-09-28 15:30
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>         Temat:  Changing Password from NT4 Workstation to Samba
> I have an Origin200 running Samba 2.0.7 for Irix 6.5.7 and about
> 15 Windows NT Workstation's.  I have about 20 users who need to
> be able to change their passwords on the samba server, but do not
> have access to the unix server directly.  My problem is that the
> docs I have followed have not really helped me with the correct
> setup of samba to allow the NT Workstations to allow the users
> to change their passwords from the NT side.  Any help would be
> greatly appreciated in figuring out.  Thank you very much.

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