Are there two PDC projects going / which one to use?

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Nov 29 15:11:47 GMT 2000

Michael Lueck wrote:
> As far as I can tell from reading the pages at 
>, there is the fork in the source - a new 
> team working on the PDC code. So, what code does my new
> Samba Unleashed book deal with - I would assume this 
> chunk of the code from

Who knows?  That's Steve Litt's book right?  (Hey Steve :) )

> As for people interested in either including Samba 
> servers into networks with an NT domain, or to replace 
> all NT servers with Samba servers (or in my case
> never install one in the first place... coming from 
> WarpServer domains) - and allowing the PDC to live 
> on for security reasons with the NT/Win2K workstations.... 
> which way "should" one pick when it comes to this fork 
> in the tree?

You can try wither project you like.  Samba TNG is in 
development phases.  Samba 2.2. is in alpha testing
and we hope to have it out by the first of the year.

My gut is to go with Samba unless you really want to spend
time with TNG.  

Cheers, jerry
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