How to change user privileges to "Power User"

Sören Grimm soeren.grimm at
Tue Nov 28 10:45:03 GMT 2000


Thanks to those who supplied feedback to my previous questions.
Systems: Samba 2.0.7 & WinNTws (SP 6a).
I have read "", now i have a Domain Admin
But i have still the question, how can i change the privileges from a
to "Power User", because it's not good if everybody has Administrator
privileges and
it is also bad if the users only have "User" privileges.
The user manger from Windows NT and Windows 9x is not working. I allways

get the following error-message:
"The procedure number is out of the permitted range" (Translation from
german to english ;-))
Is it possible to change the user privileges directly on the Samba
Server, if
yes, how can i do this ?

Please help again

Thanks in advance


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