Samba in NT Domain.

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"CHAN Chow Chin, David" wrote:
> Sorry if this sounds like a very popular question,
> but I still have to ask for help as I don't have the
> leisure of reading all of the HOWTOs and the FAQs.
> I am using RedHat 6.2 Professional running Samba-2.0.6-9 in an NT Domain.
> I wish to setup the Linux machine as a member of that domain with
> file-sharing capabilities. Is it possible for the Linux machine to share
> it's files without password authentication? (wish to make it access files
> like a Windows machine)

Samba can join an NT Domain, in which case it passes all authentication
to the PDC (much better than not having password authentication).

Please look at the documentation available (in the samba docs directory
there is quite a bit, although some is outdated).

You should consider upgrading to samba 2.0.7 for two reasons - better
win2k support, and the book "Using Samba" that is now included.

Basically, to join the domain, you need ...:
1) ... the following in your /etc/smb.conf:
  security = domain
  password server = CAEPDC
  encrypt passwords = yes
  smb passwd file = /etc/smbpasswd

2)... to have a machine account made in your domain. Ask a Domain Admin
to do this for you.

3)... to join the domain:
smbpasswd -j <domain_name> [-r <pdc>]


> Also, is there any way for me to see other machines in the domain as I don't
> know how to see their files using the command line or X.

There are quite a few packages that can let you browse Network
Neighbourhood in X:
-kruiser (aka KDE Explorer)
(also check the samba pages for more)

(you should be able to find most of these on either, or linuxberg)

> Please help.
> David.

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